Keeping fit… Well trying

I have recently joined a Crossfit class, I have been there for over two months now and I still cannot even do a clean pull up. But I am not giving up, I am determined to do it!
I know I can do it, because over 15 months ago, I randomly woke up one morning and started to run. Don’t get me wrong, my first run was more of a start stop job. I couldn’t run for longer that 10 mins. But I kept on persevering and never gave up, 15 months later (today) I have taken part in a half marathon which I did it in sub 2hours, a few 10k runs and I have stupidly signed up for another half. See if you think you can’t run, all I can say back to that is you can!



Perfect and magical day….

Yesterday I went to my lovely friends wedding. Let me paint the setting for you. The wedding was set in the heart of the New Forest where the wild are free to roam about. The weather couldn’t have been any better. We turned up at the church, which was a lovely, quaint old church. We all take our seats and wait for the gorgeous bride. Once the the church doors opened and the music flows, in comes the most beautiful bride. Hilary looked sensational in her off white chiffon tiered dress that had a drop back hem. Her auburn thick flowing hair curled and bounced through her vail as she walked down the isle.
When I turned to the groom his face was a picture, he looked speechless, and proud that the beautiful Hilary was walking towards him to become his wife. The service was lovely and we all had out photos together at the end.

Once we get to venue where we were having the dinner and party, I was blown away. The converted barn looked idyllic, surrounded by the forest and a field where wild flowers grew. They couldn’t have picked a prettier place. However little did I know that when we entered the building, Hilary had outdone herself. The room looked like a fairy tale, with wild flowers, bunting and fairy lights everywhere. It reminded me of a place where the fairies and pixies live.
We drank, ate and danced all night long.

Thank you Hilary and Chris for inviting me to share such a magical day with you.



Denim on Denim for SS14

I do love Spring Summer items, the colours, the fabrics and the shapes. But favourite must haves has got to be a pair of ripped jeans. I mean come on it’s not that hot in the UK, I can probably count how many times I actually get my legs out, so why not invest in a pair of jeans instead. I have ripped jeans in white and in stonewashed too. Topshop jeans are great with a low price tag, but if you’re looking for ‘the’ perfect pair then have a look at James Jeans, they may set you back about £150 but they are worth it!!! Don’t be shy to even mix denim with denim too. X


Shoe Porn….

So yesterday I went shopping (again) with my mum and sisters.
‘Ladies do the shops and lunch.’
It was a lovely day. However I was meant to be shopping for Bridesmaids dresses for my sister wedding and got two pairs of shoes instead. Ooops!!
Don’t you just love them too?! X


Summer must haves…… Colour, colour and more colour

So I just could not resist….again! I went into Kitch boutique in Tunbridge Wells and saw all of these beautiful pieces. I am really enjoying clashing colours, patterns and shapes together at the moment. Totally in love with the Hipanema brand so just had to get the tasselled bracelet with the matching beaded straw hat, then to team it up with this gorgeous fringed clutch from Vie I can fit more than my mobile and Lady Danger Mac lippy in it, so happy days. Then to add a little ‘girlieness’ to my outfit I put this amazing acid watch Fluro pink tee with ruffles to it. Of course I couldn’t leave the shop without these cute suede fringed shorts by Miss June. Now all I need is the warm weather in the UK!! Hope you like the pieces I have brought? You can wear these all separately to make different outfits. Just have fun with it all….


Take care of your skin with Clinique

So I may have gone a bit overboard with my Clinique purchases today, but I just could not resist. I am totally in love with their ‘Dramatically different moisturiser +’ never have I been totally convinced by this pot of magic. It keeps my skin moisturised throughout the day and night. However my new must have from the range is the ‘Anti-blemish solution gel’ it helps my niggling spots at bay!! It’s a must have in my mind and worth the money. Clearly I am Clinique obsessed!!